Sunday, March 16, 2008

Even in the Darkness, the Night shall be Light around You

One of my favorite quotes momentarily is "every shadow is evidence of sun". I'm pretty sure it's from a song, but I can't recall which one at the moment. 

Personal events have recently driven me to the feet of my Savior, calling for wisdom and strength that I do not have. I'm not sure why I doubt His grace, but I've come to find out that He really does care (of course). =]

Troubled times come, and someday, they'll go. Then they'll come back, and eventually they'll pass on. I'm no stranger to struggles, but I always get spoiled in the good times. 

I recently was confiding in a close friend and she told me that the strength I'm gaining out of these troubles is obvious. Never had I thought about what I was gaining in the darkness, only what I was losing.

In the end, I keep believing, trusting, and knowing that God will see me through. I know the sun is behind the clouds!