Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dancing In The Rain: more than a dream

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of ideas for how Dancing In the Rain Foundation can actually become an organization that offers a teen community and crisis center. It's not just a faint dream, but real solid steps.

They start March 5 & 6 as I speak at BASS (Bay Area Sunday School Convention). I will be leading four workshops on different teen issues: abuse, eating disorders, depression/suicide, and girls ministry. As I prepare for these sessions I am blown away by the grace God has granted me each step of the way. I shouldn't have the time to plan these workshops, yet I have found plenty of time to research, study and pray into them. I shouldn't have the experience or ability to talk on any of these topics, but by His unending mercy and healing I not only have the experiences, but also the healing to speak freely about it. And it blows me away!

Sometimes I look at where God has put me in life right now and I cry just at the knowledge that I have come so far...and yet still have so far to go...but overall, He has never left my side--never left me alone, and never told me to do it by myself.

I face two very difficult weeks ahead of me, but I know I will get through it--thriving--because God walks with me. More like carries me through times like this, but still! =)

Be blessed and free!