Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Wisdom to Decide

Recently I have been faced with some very life-changing and directing decisions. The impulse decision-maker I am is tempted to make a split-second choice, but I know wisdom follows another road. One of patience, of prayer and seeking. It is all too easy to conveniently "forget" to pray about a big decision, and then I find myself (again) a few months later trying to scramble around and pick up the pieces after the situation exploded in front of me. Thankfully, I have not been burned too badly, and instead have learned some valuable lessons.

1. It's okay to wait. I am not, by nature, a very patient person. I want what I want when I want it. The little girl inside me has yet to learn the true gratification from delayed response. She knows that patience is a virtue, but she would rather not wait! Most of us have some work to do in this area, and God keeps chipping away at our impatience. In the end, what has been patiently waited for is usually always better.

2. It's okay to slow down (even stop once in a while!). I am a do-er. I cannot sit still for very long without looking forward towards the next activity or project. It is very difficult for me to remain completely present in the moment because my mind is always two to three steps ahead of me. This past week I began to realize just how much I miss by not being fully present. I do not aspire to live my life this way! So, I am learning that it is okay to put things on hold and relax--to wait on the Lord and enjoy what He has given me NOW--not what I want to receive two years down the road!

I have much to learn on this life journey, but as I have been gently nudged by people who are very important to me, I have to learn to let go and let God take control. These decisions are not ones to be taken lightly, and though there are times when you have to jump in and take a risk, there are other times when God wants to teach wisdom and discernment. And it's okay to slow down enough to hear the directions!