Saturday, June 25, 2011

What If We Were Real

Today I listened to Mandisa's new album "What If We Were Real" and while all the songs make me want to get up and dance, the title track really stuck out to me.

From the first line, I felt like she was speaking directly to me...

"Well I'm tired of saying everything
I feel like I'm supposed to say.
I'm tired of smiling all the time,
I wanna throw the mask away."

So much of the so called "Christian life" has been made out to be one big masquerade, where church is the place for people with their lives together. And yes, followers of Christ are supposed to be a little more together than the rest of the world, but let me tell ya, we are all messed up and full of faults. And some days, even after being a disciple of Christ since childhood, I come to church in a puddle of repressed tears because I failed to be perfect that week. Yet, we fear judgement from people around us, so we keep holding everything inside.

I think it would be a glorious day if we just let it out.

"We keep trying to make it look so nice.
And we keep hiding what's going on inside.
But what if I share my brokenness,
what if you share how you feel.
What if we weren't afraid of this crazy mess.
What if we were real?"

Let's imagine a world where there was no pretending. Where the mask wasn't necessary, especially at church or with Christian friends. What if we opened up and let ourselves be vulnerable. Do you think it would deepen our friendships and lessen the burden of life?

Will you take a step of faith with me today and be a little more real?