Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Self-Injury Epidemic

Thirteen movie clips: The Last Night by Skillet

I was browsing through youtube.com, when I found this terrifyingly real and gripping collection of clips from the movie, "Thirteen", a shocking look at teen pop culture.

What a heartbreaking, yet compelling wake-up call to our generation. I've heard a lot of bad things about the film, but all from people criticizing the language, sexuality, and deviant behaviors shown on-screen, including cutting.

However, Christians and unbelievers alike should go see this movie, if nothing else but to realize that our teens are hurting. Are we supposed to ignore what happens in the darkest parts of adolescents' souls? Why is it so bad to show a girl cutting herself with a razor blade?

I am no stranger to self-injury. I was a self-injurer for many years. I dabbled in all sorts of behaviors, including cutting, and I was a Christian the whole time. In my youth work, I've found so many middle and high school students who have tried SI, and those numbers will continue to rise, unless we do something about it.

Don't understand why a teen would want to cut their skin? Go watch the movie. Go look at pictures on google. Go see a few homemade music videos on youtube by typing in "self-injury awareness".

I am convinced that just reading about it isn't going to be enough for the church and society. Until you see it. See their pain. Watch their tears. See their blood...you won't be able to feel their pain.

Do it for your children. For your students. For every teen in the world who feels that no one cares