Monday, April 22, 2013

Winding Roads & New Trails

Life has taken some tumultuous turns in the past few weeks. New adventures and new challenges (getting married will do that to a person), and routines that must be adjusted (opposite work/sleep schedules--how fun!).

And yet, in the midst of it all, hope abounds in the form of tiny dreams. Planting a garden together. Making space for meditation/prayer for balancing. Taking new exercise classes at the gym with friends. Dreaming new directions for our fledgling business.

Some days I feel like I have no credentials to be a life coach, or an organizer, or a creative individual at all. I'm young...what can I possibly offer young moms and their families? I have only been married 4 weeks and have no kids! But I work with kids every morning. I play with them, watch them with crafts, toys and boxes. I studied early childhood development for two years and have spent over ten years in various childcare settings. No, these are not equivalent to raising a child myself--but they are a start from where I can put my organizational and design psychology training and instinct. I can't solve the world's problems, but I can put systems into a room to clean up clutter. I can jot out a time schedule and recommend balancing and wellness practices for a more holistic life.

And so with these little nuggets of experience, interest and passion, I set forward with my business partner, Candice Jenee' and reach out to maybe, just maybe, help someone who is at wits end and needs a little support. I still doubt myself at times, after all, I'm only human. But as a coach, I'm seeking a daily journey to holism, simple living and harmony. Isn't that what we all really want?