Friday, March 14, 2014

Intentional Pregnancy Project - Episode 1

The project has officially launched and I need your help! I have a basic list of topics to cover in the coming weeks, but I know you have more ideas. Please let me know of any topics of interest that you would like us to talk about! I currently am posting videos on Tuesdays with a topic from the book, but I would like to add an additional video each week, probably on Fridays, addressing your questions, comments and opening more discussions!

Getting any project off the ground is a lot of legwork, so bear with me as we build some momentum. I am so passionate about the subject of motherhood and preparing to be a parent, and, seriously guys, I have so much to share that I'm super duper excited about! (Is that enough enthusiasm, you think??)

You will want to stay tuned as Episode Two opens the oh-so-popular topic of "when to start a family" and the following week, March 25th, we'll be talking about baby fever and I'll be giving away a brand-new BumGenius 4.0 Pocket Cloth Diaper!! So excited! 

So without further is Episode One!

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