Friday, March 7, 2014

The Intentional Pregnancy Project

The YouTube Project...What Am I Doing??

Okay, here it goes. Ever since I got married, almost a year ago, I have had baby fever. Like, really really strong baby fever! I have followed bloggers, vloggers and Facebook groups of moms, cloth diapering, infertility/pregnancy loss, families, and other parenting issues. On any average day, I see more media about babies and mommyhood than anything else.

Five days a week, I run around after infants and toddlers for eight hours a day. But my struggle has been that these aren't my kids. And as much fun as it is to care for them and come home to a quiet house with uninterrupted sleep, it's just not what I really want to do with my life. It's not the same because those aren't my kids. I love them, but I want my own little ones.

Many, many people have made comments like "you should wait until you're thirty to have kids" and "enjoy being married for at least four years first" and inside I cringe. For them, it may have been perfect to wait that long before having children, but what they don't understand is that I don't want to work outside the home/build a career/travel the world. I love my husband and enjoy our time together, but my dream is to be a stay/work at home mom and homeschool my children. Certainly I am not against working part-time or doing things outside the home, but I want to be at home first and foremost. It's not a job that's for everyone, but it's what I most desire. 

Intentional Pregnancy Book Trailer

Having said all that, I began a writing project a few months ago entitled Intentional Pregnancy: Practical & Prayerful Preparation for Baby before Pregnancy. I've been freewriting, journaling and brainstorming, and hope to release the finished ebook in May. But as I'm working on this book, I was inspired to reach out and start a community project. 

I don't know a lot of young, married women who are planning and preparing to start families. But I want to! And I am hoping that by starting a YouTube Channel  and uploading weekly videos based on topics from my book, conversations will be started, relationships will be formed, and information and stories will be shared. This is personal, this is important. 

I will be creating surveys and polls that will appear in the book and also offering a few giveways as well. 

Channel Intro Trailer

My first vlog is a fun one...just a get to know me video to express who I really am! =)

All About Me

So this is the invitation. I want to start conversations with women who are planning for a family and those who have already started theirs (both young and older), so we can share our hopes, dreams, struggles and experiences along the journey.

Weekly Vlogs will post on Tuesdays, so please subscribe to my channel to keep updated and be a part of this project. It's about to get really real over there!

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